Respectful Workplace Training E-Course

Big Benefits in Eliminating Workplace Bullying and Harassment. Save Time – Save Money – Register Easily – Learn on Your Own Terms –Now in French!

Fiore Group Training offers ZERO Tolerance E-Learning as an option to the classroom-based training program “Respectful Workplace Training.” Our online students benefit from the convenience of e-learning while enjoying the same curriculum as you would have in class.

Course Benefits – ROI On Your Time And Investment

  • Protect yourself and others in your work environment from discrimination & harassment
  • Learn emotionally intelligent skills that apply to your work and your life in general
  • Absorb university caliber content delivered to your desktop
  • Learn anytime – any place!
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Absorb tangible, practical solutions to workplace issues
  • Save the cost of travel and accommodations

Easy Training Solution

4 modules of self guided professional respectful workplace training.

  • Assessments
  • Certificate awarded upon successful completion
  • Individual login access
  • Training from workplace expert

The Entire Course takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

It’s Cost Effective & Time Efficient

Introductory Module

  • The purpose of this training program
  • The characteristics of a Respectful Workplace
  • The definition of a ‘workplace’

Module 1

  • The importance of respectful conduct
  • How to create a positive and respectful workplace
  • The responsibilities of all employees
  • The responsibilities of all supervisors
  • The responsibilities of the employer

Module 2

  • Understand the difference between harassment, bullying & discrimination
  • Know the provincial and federal regulations that apply to workplace behavior
  • Know the types of unacceptable workplace behavior
  • Know about disrespectful behavior via Social Media
  • Know the costs of disrespectful behavior

Module 3

  • Understand what you can do about incivility and disrespectful behavior
  • Understand your different options for dealing with bullying, harassment or discrimination
  • Know how to be successful with “difficult conversations
  • Know how to informally resolve disputes
  • Know how to file a formal complaint

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ZERO Tolerance E-Learning

$49991-50 Employees
  • 4 modules of self guided professional respectful workplace training
  • Additional information slides for advanced learning
  • Assessments
  • Individual login access
  • Training From A Respectful Workplace Training Expert With 30+ Years Experience

Are you a Business owner or HR Professional Looking for a Customized Course for your LMS?

We customize the program with your logo, your message – even altering the contents to suit your Provincial, State or Country legislation regarding Workplace Bullying and Harassment.

Your company’s keywords and specific nuances can be addressed as well as industry specific guidelines.

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All Fiore Group training courses can be adapted to your organization, industry and/or specifications such as: Retail, Restaurants, Hospitality, Education, Public Service, Transportation, Health Care, Construction and Highway Labor. Workshops are interactive, engaging, fast-paced, and professional.