Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and Harassment Training Teaches Communication and Accountability

Bullying and Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Civility, and Discrimination are topics we must actively engage and provide training to our teams. We must consistently offer a workplace that feels inviting, safe, and supportive.  By law, employers are required to ensure it does, and supervisors and managers are responsible to teach, train and monitor the workplace for respectful practices.

Bullying and Harassment ZERO Tolerance Participants Will Learn

bullying and harassment

    • The difference between sexual harassment, bullying and workplace discrimination
    • Who is responsible for a healthy work environment (everyone!)
    • What constitutes bullying and harassment
    • What constitutes sexual harassment
    • How the workplace environment becomes toxic
    • The definitions of a “workplace”
    • How social media becomes bullying and harassment
    • The distinct responsibilities of an employer/employee and supervisor
    • What laws exist to protect against bullying and harassment
    • Civility, discrimination, and understanding of the Human Rights Code
    • The Provincial (State) and Federal regulations that must be applied to workplace behavior
  • Key Strategic Takeaways

    • Everyone can contribute to creating a positive and respectful workplace culture
    • How to build healthy work communities
    • Steps to informally resolve disputes
    • Effective tips for  difficult conversations on the job
    • Tools to help build open and trusting relationships at work
    • How to file a formal complaint
    • Maps to become a  model of your organizational “Respectful Conduct in the Workplace” policy
    • The importance of dealing with issues when they become known
    • How to make important documentation notes regarding observations and conversations

We Facilitate Learning that Engages the Participant

Our Bullying and Harassment training program is designed to create a user experience that engages the participant.  PowerPoint slideshows and handouts can only do so much. Participants need to experience events that trigger their own learning styles and interests.

The topics included in this course are sure to appeal to one or more of each of the participant’s interests.

The Difficult Conversation

We will discuss in detail how to initiate and engage in a difficult one on one conversation.  Many of our students hesitate to have a private conversation as they feel so uncomfortable with confrontation.

Of course, the real lesson to be learned is effective communication.  Beyond simply stating what the problem is from our point of view, we learn how to listen better and determine if there is indeed a bigger picture. When we were offended or bothered by an action, was there a backstory?  Did we have all the facts?

Once the conversation has been experienced, how we will ensure that we both work toward better outcomes?  What kind of accountability will we put in place?

Videos, Games, Self-Reflection

Using videos, games, exercises, self-reflection, group discussion, and teamwork, our participants learn to apply the learning modules to their specific situations.

For example, We begin our class with a video presentation of one of Australia’s Citizens’ of the Year.  In this quick 3-minute clip our students come to understand the value and purpose of ZERO TOLERANCE and how each team member has a responsibility to maintain a healthy and safe work environment.

Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

Over the past 20 years, we have presented on the principles of a respectful workplace to thousands. Before Bullying and Harassment was a popular topic, we were teaching our classes on how to build healthy work communities to prevent the progression of harmful and demeaning behaviors.

Our trainers are highly experienced in training and the subject matter, and we consistently experience extraordinarily high evaluations. We don’t claim that every person in every class feels completely satisfied, but we can say with confidence that well over 94% give us top marks.

We work hard to ensure our clients have success with their teams.  We would welcome the opportunity to work with yours.

Did You Know that Employers Are Now Responsible For

    • Not engaging in Bullying and Harassment
    • Conducting a workplace risk assessment
    • Developing policies and procedures
    • Developing reporting procedures
    • Conducting employee training
    • Training managers and supervisors
    • Developing investigation procedures
    • Annually reviewing the policy and procedures

Workplace culture is a hot topic for every organization. Employees and Managers need to know how to encourage communication, mutual respect, and dignity in the workplace. This 4-hour workshop deals with the legal requirements (customized to your location) of every business to educate their staff in respectful workplace behavior. (2-hour fast-paced version also available).

Our Specialty Is Effective Workplace Training

All Fiore Group training courses can be adapted to your organization, industry and/or specifications such as: Retail, Restaurants, Hospitality, Education, Public Service, Transportation, Health Care, Construction and Highway Labor. Workshops are interactive, engaging, fast-paced, and professional.