Workplace Training to Stop Bullying, Harassment, and Workplace Violence

At Fiore Group Training, we are passionate about the right of every employee to feel safe and respected at work. We have developed comprehensive, engaging, and informative training courses in the areas of workplace violence prevention, respectful workplace, bullying & harassment, and Sonar leadership training.


Fiore Group Training’s Respectful Workplace and Violence Prevention programs were professional, engaging, and entertaining. The trainer respected our company’s values and our employees and was passionate with a deep understanding of the material that was presented. The trainer dynamically presented the information, including video clips, Power Point slides, and interactive activities to keep our staff engaged and learning.

Rose Webber, Manager Human Resources, Canada, Convoy Supply Ltd

The success of this training has been very clear. Staff gave the classes very high scores in post-session feedback forms, and I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from staff since then. Phil’s charming and humorous personality and engaging teaching style clearly made a very positive impression on my staff.

Julie Spurrell, Chief Librarian, New Westminster Public Library

Many of our staff provided extremely positive feedback on the various presentations by the Fiore Group and the impact it has made in the way they manage and work together with colleagues. It is without hesitation that I recommend them for any organization with a diverse workforce.

Monica Lueg, HR Advisor, City of Pitt Meadows

When Phil launched his SONAR Leadership Course, we were lucky to participate in the public session and thus there was no question that the criteria would be most beneficial to be used as a training component for our management teams. We have since implemented annual in-house training sessions at all of our locations, and the result has been extremely satisfying. The participants left the course energized and focused on becoming a more effective leader.

Jack Lamont, Vice President/Director of Corporate Operations, Glowbal Restaurant

Respectful Workplace Training Course Options

To achieve healthy and safe workplaces, we offer the following courses:

Respectful Workplace Training
Bullying and Harassment Prevention Training
Workplace Bullying and Harassment Prevention Training
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Workplace Violence Prevention Training
Workplace Safety Training
SONAR Leadership Training for leaders and rising stars
Leadership Training

We also deliver Keynotes, E-Learning, Corporate Consulting, and Customized Packages.




Bullying and Harassment Training Starts with Hiring

If organizations are really serious about creating a culture where everyone feels welcome and encouraged to perform at their very best, a half-day “Welcome to the company!” session, followed by “Off you go…see you at your retirement party!” simply won’t do. You might just take a look around at other companies’ best practices. There is no point in reinventing the wheel.


We are on a mission to help companies protect their employees from the threats which lurk outside and inside their workplaces.