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People often ask me how to start transforming the culture of an organization to one of respect, tolerance and mutual success. The easy way to start it by focusing on three fundamentals. This is what the Oakland Athletics did. You can watch the trajectory of their failure – to – success story in the 2011 movie Moneyball.

In the 1990s, the Oakland Athletics baseball team had no money, miserable attendance, and no star players. There also wasn’t any likelihood of their fortunes changing. In Major League Baseball (MLB), a team that goes all the way to the World Series will play almost 200 games. And of course, to win any of these games your team must score more runs that the other team. The total number of home runs and grand slams doesn’t win championships; the consistent and persistent execution of baseball fundamentals is what ultimately produces glory for the team.

When the Oakland As took a hard look at their organization through a completely different lens, they realized the obviously simple solution: in order to win games, they needed to score runs, and in order to score runs, the team needed to get players on base, and the more players that they got on base, the more points they would score as a result. Like I said, simple, right?

The organization was reminded that the fundamentals of the game, when executed relentlessly and consistently, will result in success.

If you saw the movie, or perhaps know the incredible story of transformation that occurred within the team, you’ll remember that they just tried to get on successive bases. It may not have been the most exciting game to watch as a fan, since they weren’t swinging for the fences, but it turned out to be incredibly effective and successful!

We don’t have to swing for the fences to be successful.

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In other words, we don’t have to disrupt our industry in order to move that progress needle forward. And the same is true for your workplace.

In order to deliver a culture that people are excited about, where they are engaged, feel respected, and enjoy the relationships that exist there, you don’t have to come up with some revolutionary concept or another in-house communication app.

Stick to the fundamentals:

  • Create an environment of openness and accessibility where everyone feels welcome, as if they were in a friend’s living room.
  • Create an environment of respectful dialogue where people connect professionally with each other— being polite, civil, and kind.
  • Create an environment of acknowledgement where people feel and know that they are engaged in meaningful and important work, ensuring that they are rewarded in a manner that suits them, not you.
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Does this sound absurd? No.

Dos this sound like something that is going to cost a fortune and therefore will have to wait until next year’s budget cycle? No.

Does this sound like something that requires special training and education sessions? No.

Does this sound like something you can get on board with?

I hope that answer is ‘yes’!

And by focusing on these fundamentals every day, you will find that your workplace will be worthy of the Commissioner’s Trophy, just like the Oakland Athletics.

Still sound too simple to do any good?

Well, consider this: Sometimes the best solution really is the most obvious one.