ZERO Tolerance - Respectful Workplace Training for Employees


Changes to the law mean changes for you. This 2-hour, fast-paced workshop deals with the BC requirements of every business to educate their employees in respectful workplace behaviour.

ZERO Tolerance participants will learn

  • The purpose of BC’s Bill 14 Policybigstock_Five_business_people_sitting_i_13079837-300x200
  • The definitions of a “workplace”
  • The responsibilities of an employer/employee
  • The responsibilities of supervisors
  • The difference between harassment, bullying and discrimination
  • The Provincial and Federal regulations that must be applied to workplace behaviour
  • Workplace behaviour that is considered unacceptable
  • How to create a positive and respectful workplace culture
  • How to informally resolve disputes
  • How to have difficult conversations on the job
  • How to file a formal complaint
  • and much more

Training is no longer an option for companies in British Columbia

Did You Know – Employers Are Now Responsible For:

  • Not engaging in Bullying and Harassment
  • Conducting a workplace risk assessment
  • Developing policies and procedures
  • Developing reporting procedures
  • Conducting employee training
  • Training managers and supervisors
  • Developing investigation procedures
  • Annually reviewing the policy and procedures

Our Specialty is Effective Workplace Training

All Fiore Group Training courses can be adapted to your organization, industry and/or specifications.  Workshops are interactive, engaging, fast-paced, and professional.

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