Author Barbara Coloroso Addresses Bullying and Adult Responses

“Barbara Coloroso is an internationally recognized speaker and author in the areas of parenting, teaching, school discipline, non-violent conflict resolution and reconciliatory justice. She is an educational consultant for school districts, the medical and business community, the criminal justice system and other educational associations around the world.”

Barbara Coloroso specializes in children’s issues and has a wealth of insights in conflict resolution and effective training for kids.

In bullying I am an I – and you are an it – B. Coloroso

We were fortunate enough to find an interview Barbara did with the Health and Safety to Go (Canadian Centre for Occupational Safety) podcast where she was asked about bullying and adult reactions.
You can hear the interview – click here (12:42 minutes)

In Summary

  • Barbara describes the difference between conflicts and bullying
  • What is the actual meaning of hazing? Do adults do it to one another on the job?
  • Cyberbullying – lifelong consequences
  • 3 types of adult bullying
    • Verbal  – popular
    • Physical – more male than female
    • Relational – gossip and exclusion – women’s preferred method of bullying
  • Who are the 3 characters in adult bullying situations?
    • Bully
    • Bullied
    • Innocent bystanders – who are not so innocent
  • When we laugh, pass the stories along, and post on Facebook – we are participating in bullying.
  • Doing nothing is complicity – not innocence.
  • Are you a potential witness? – They have compassion and care.  But they are afraid for themselves, their job, and their future.
  • Witness Resistor and Defender – They refuse to follow the bully and stand up and be counted.

Special Thanks to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Safety, Health and Safety to Go Podcasts, and Barbara Coloroso.