The Important Message Behind #KeepItRaven

Every workplace has its own identity; it’s own culture.  Even the NFL and including the RAVENS.
The 32 teams that make up the National Football League are no different in this regard. We have heard a great deal about the disrespectful and bullying culture that existed last season within the Miami Dolphins’ culture.
You can access the report here
Some workplaces though, rather than not paying attention to what is going on within its walls (or turning a blind eye when they do see something) are going on the offensive and making a strong statement about how important a positive and respectful culture is to their workplace.
One of those teams doing something proactive is the Baltimore Ravens.
No one in this progressive football organization will be left in the dark as to the importance of positive working relationships. They have been discussing the issue of respect and team identity and focusing on acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and language within their workplace and within their team.
No workplace can simply create and share a policy on Respectful Conduct without actively doing something to achieve it. This is what the Baltimore Ravens are doing. It’s having a hugely positive impact within the team and they have come up with their own unique hash tag to use when tweeting messages about the importance of being a Baltimore Raven football player and the values that are critical to that culture. #KeepItRaven is all about messaging the positive identity to those within (and outside) the team that positive relationships (and behaviour which supports those relationships) is a critical part of their identity.
Go Team Go!