Perspective – Change the Way You See Everything!

Asset-Based Thinking takes “positive thinking” to a whole new level of engagement. While positive thinking calls for a positive attitude about life and the future, Asset-Based Thinking calls for positive action and traction in the present moment. ABT puts the power of personal, interpersonal, and situational assets in your hands so that you can make progress and create the future you most desire.  (Taken from “Now Discover Your Strengths” by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton)


Asset-based thinking calls for small shifts in the way we absorb, perceive, filter, and interpret the world around us.  We change the way we see everything.  Such responsible behavior and eyesight leads to a dramatic improvement in the way we live and show up in the world.

Using the perspective of ABT (Asset-based thinking), we focus on abundance. It is mental alertness that zeros in on what’s working. You favor inspiration over desperation.

Get ready; it’s infectious.  You might start an epidemic!


How Does Asset-Based Thinking Show Up?

Every day the opportunity to engage in asset-based thinking is present.  In every situation we face, we have choices.

Think of the last meeting you attended where you and everyone else left the meeting with a deep sigh, drained.  You had listened to complaining and blaming and frustration from various people for 2 hours.  Lots of attention in the meeting focused on the mistakes that people had made.  Interestingly, there were some milestones accomplished since you last met, and they were vaguely mentioned, buried under the drama of the day.

When you are using ABT, you will redirect the focus from the problem, or the mistake and the consequences thereof to a question:

How can this be the best problem we have ever had?

The 80-20 Rule Reversed

It’s time to turn the rule around.  It will take practice, and what’s wrong with that?

Instead of focusing 80% of your attention on problems and 20% on opportunities, focus 80% of your time and effort on the abundance of opportunities that present themselves and limit yourself to 20% of your attention placed on what’s going wrong.

Asset-Based Leadership Needs A Bold Approach

Bring a bold approach to leadership. Be daring. Daring yourself to become and lead others to be the best version of yourself.

The door will open to a plethora of advantages.

When you shift perspective from deficits to assets, you show up in life differently, possibly unconventionally, and undoubtedly courageous.

To most of us, facing a problem usually provokes us to cast blame to assign guilt.


Be A Bold Example

What if you could reach into the depths of that problem and extract a perspective that could propel the situation forward in a way that benefits everyone involved?  You and your team will move into the affirmation zone where asset-based thinkers thrive.

Take the quiz.  You might gain some insight into your habitual perspectives.