Leaders and Managers - Where are you on the Spectrum?

This week's post is a quiz aimed at self-reflection.

There are no right or wrong answers.  Most of us would lean more to one side than the other.

Try to answer yourself as honestly as you can.

Give it a go!


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What behavior best describes your management style?

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How do you inspire your team to follow you?

3 / 11

Is it appropriate to display emotions at work?

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When it comes to management focus, what takes priority for you?

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What is a key function of a leader's role on a day to day basis?

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When you think of the term "time management", what is the first and foremost priority?

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When it's time for a performance review of your team, what is the priority?

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When managing a project to its completion, I focus our team meetings

9 / 11

It's my job to be aware of the progress of my team members.  I manage this process by

10 / 11

My focus on a daily basis is to

11 / 11

Let's face it, when it comes right down to it, my job is to

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