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Learn the Keys to Building Respectful Communication

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What Does A Respectful Workplace Look Like?

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  • Core Values
  • Building Trust in the Workplace
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Helping To Build Incredibly Safer Workplaces

At Fiore Group Training, we are passionate about the right of every employee to feel SAFE and RESPECTED at work.

To achieve healthy and safe workplaces, we offer:

We also deliver Keynotes, E-Learning, Corporate Consulting, and Customized Packages.

We are on a mission to help companies protect their employees from the threats which lurk outside and inside their workplaces.

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Client Reviews

I had the pleasure of working with the FIore Group Training Inc during the roll out of our Respectful Workplace Training. Each of the programs were tailored to our unique needs and Phil took the time to ensure we were pleased with all content before the training began. Phil was an engaging speaker and Karen was methodical and very professional in explaining our training options. We got great reviews from the audience from Phil’s presentation.
Carol Ann Pretty, Director Of Human Resources; Glowbal Restaurant Group
Phil’s positive and practical approach to delivering respectful workplace training was excellent. He was willing to customize his delivery to match our organizational needs. In addition to his classroom delivery, we contacted the Fiore Group to develop and produce an online interactive Respectful Learning module to train our new employees.
Steve Traviss, DHR: Port Coquitlam BC
It is with great enthusiasm we provide a reference for Phil Eastwood and Fiore Group Training. As a firm believer in the need for quality content and materials for successful learning I am equally aware of the need for an engaging subject matter expert who demonstrates confidence and passion for the subject. Mr. Eastwood demonstrates this at every session and keynote presentation.

Carolyn Sinclair, Executive Director: Police Victim Services of BC