Organizations have an ethical duty and a legal responsibility to ensure the health and safety of every employee under their supervision. ZERO Violence Advanced Workshops is a full day packed with critical information and usable skills for business owners, leaders, and managers to use that can instantly improve the safety of all employees in their workplaces.

ZERO Violence Advanced participants will learn

    • The responsibilities of employees, supervisors and employerszero_violence_advance-Training
    • How to recognize the warning signs of workplace violence
    • When to regard a situation as potentially dangerous
    • The emotional triggers that result in workplace violence
    • Key Strategies to prevent workplace violence
    • How the work environment can actually increase the potential for workplace violence
    • How to increase your personal safety level at work
    • How to respond safely to workplace violence
    • How to deal with abusive phone calls
    • Safe Strategies for potentially violent meetings
    • How to respond during a robbery
    • How to report incidents to the authorities
    • How to document workplace violence properly
    • How to deal effectively with threats
    • Feeling safer when working alone
    • How to manage your reaction / anger to a situation
    • How to retain and document information


Protect Yourself and Your Business – Train Your Team with ZERO Violence for Employees


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All Fiore Group Training courses can be adapted to your organization, industry and/or specifications.  Workshops are interactive, engaging, fast-paced, and professional.

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