Supervisor and Managers Leadership Training

We are pleased to announce our 2020 supervisor and managers leadership training – The Fiore Group Leadership Accelerator Program

Do your supervisors and managers know how to get the best performance from their team?  Do they have inherent leadership skills?  Can they coach their team members through to successful outcomes?

Supervisor Leadership Manager LeadershipThe Leadership Accelerator Program will provide you or your leadership team with an excellent foundation in all of the skills and behaviors that are required to be an outstanding supervisor and manager.

Modern supervisors and managers are needed to manage constant change. They motivate their team, deal with difficult people, and work to improve performance. Most leadership candidates and middle management have not received the proper training to do the job. How can we expect a stellar performance if we don’t provide the necessary tools to accomplish the task?

Over 80% of our students had no prior knowledge of the skills needed for successful employee coaching

Once you or your team complete the supervisor and managers leadership training, you will return to your workplace with a toolbox full of essential management skills.  You can use each one to guarantee your success in growing and managing yourself and others.

The course content and structure was fantastic.

Colin Milaney , Powerline Technician, City of New Westminster

Who Should Attend the Supervisor and Managers Leadership Training?

Anyone involved in managing people will have measurable benefits from the program.

  • First Time Managers 
  • Supervisors 
  • Team Leaders 
  • Sales Managers 
  • HR Professionals 
  • Project Managers 
  • New Managers 
  • Staff Looking To Progress Into A Management Position supervisor and managers leadership training

Supervisor and Managers Leadership Training will Include

  • Positive Habit Generator Tool
  • Individual Accelerator Plan
  • Personal Accountability Strategy
  • Front of Room’ Confidence Strategy
  • Your Secret to Understanding your WHY
  • 4 Best Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day
  • 6 Rules to Foster Continual Change
  • The 1% Rule
  • And Many More Leadership Skills…

I truly enjoyed this program and am grateful for the opportunity to participate. Key elements for me: encouragement and group participation through picture cards, group work, classroom exercises, and discussions.

The Leadership Accelerator Program will change your life with the 12 practices and disciplines of supercharging yourself as a leader

Becoming Better At What You Do Has No Finish Line

Abilities and Measurable Results You Can Count On

  • Motivate and inspire employees
  • Coach and develop staff effectively
  • Resolve conflicts quickly
  • Build and lead high performing teams
  • Gain enthusiastic cooperation
  • Resolve performance issues quickly and effectively
  • Delegate tasks with confidence
  • Organize your time and workload

The instructor was great.  This was one of the best management courses that I have had in the past 20 years.  Thanks!

Romeo Mihailov, Facilities Management Coordinator, City of New Westminster

What Does the Day Look Like?

The class agenda is divided into 6 Modules

Module 1, 2: The Strategic Leader, Leading Your Team

How can a supervisor/manager be an effective and inspiring leader? Here we look at the difference between management and leadership. What are the key duties of a manager? Who makes an outstanding manager? You will examine current management best practices. Finally, we will explore thought leaders from current literature and industry.

Learn how to create an environment whereby all of your team members work together. You can exceed objectives previously thought not possible. Building highly effective and performing teams is an essential objective in your role. 

Module 3, 4: Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution

You can be a brilliant communicator! Learn how to share your perspective in a clear, concise and positive manner. Practice how to make small talk with strangers. Investigate the importance of non-verbal communication and active listening for effective and influential communication.

Communication skills for managers

Learn how to manage conflict on a one on one basis and between members of your team. You will develop communication and process techniques in order to handle any conflict situation that may arise. Get skilled in dealing with difficult people in an effective manner.

Module 5, 6: Coaching & Mentoring, Motivation, and Engagement

How can you help your team members develop? Learn how to coach and give feedback to your team members and help their personal and professional development. Examine different models of coaching and how to give positive and constructive feedback.  You will apply various methods to fit the situation, i.e. formal coaching sessions, on the job coaching, reviews, etc

Learn how to set goals, objectives and put development plans together with your staff. Elicit your staff’s motivations, values, and beliefs and discover how to tailor your connection with them. Your goal will be to motivate them to do an outstanding job in all that they do. Find out how to manage under-performers. 

All of the learning materials and activities were incredibly valuable.  It is markedly evident that the program was very carefully constructed, and the delivery of each segment was fantastic.  The program is an incredible asset to my growth and development not only as a supervisor, but but also as a person.

Bonus Gifts

Every participant will receive our digital download of resources.

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