Leadership Accelerator Program Online


Not Everyone Can Study During Office Hours!

Leadership is not confined to a desk or the corner office.

We witness leadership in the warehouse, the restaurant, and boardrooms both large and small.

But not all leaders can get away to attend seminars and workshops.

The Leadership Accelerator Online program brings Fiore Group Training’s leadership development to you, when and where you need it.  This unique course is tailored precisely for supervisors and managers who want to amplify their skills, build their people and improve team performance – on their schedule!

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leadership accelerator online course
leadership accelerator online
Phil Eastwood; Course Creator and Instructor

“The Leadership Accelerator Program will provide supervisors and managers with a range of skills which will enable them to engage with, and effectively manage their teams.”

Online Leadership Training for Supervisors and Managers

The Leadership Accelerator Program provides leaders the foundational skills and behaviors that are required to be an outstanding supervisor and manager.

Modern supervisors and managers constantly manage change. They motivate their team, deal with difficult people, and work to improve performance. Most leadership candidates and middle management have not received the proper training in the habits, tools and behaviors of great leaders. How can we expect a stellar performance if we don’t provide the necessary tools to accomplish the task?

You will fill your management toolbox with skills that accelerate your success in growing and managing yourself and others.

Is This Course for You?

First Time Manager? YES!

Supervisor?  YES!

Team Leader? YES!

Staff wanting to move into managment position? YES!

HR Professional? YES!

Sales Manager? YES!

What Will You Learn to Do?

  • Motivate and inspire employees
  • Coach and develop staff effectively
  • Resolve conflicts quickly
  • Build and lead high performing teams
  • Gain enthusiastic cooperation
  • Correct performance issues quickly and effectively
  • Delegate tasks with confidence
  • Organize your time and workload

Communication Skills

Motivate and inspire others

Coach and develop staff

Problem Solving Skills

Resolve conflicts quickly

Correct performance issues effectively

Habit Building Skills

Build and lead high performing teams

Organize your time and workload

Delegate tasks with confidence

You don’t need to go anywhere!  No fixed times. No phone calls.  You study at your pace and at times that work with your schedule. You don’t come to us – we come to you.

The Course Layout – 6 Modules

Over 50 Videos + 22 Worksheets + 14 Articles  – Everything you need to learn and practice your new skills with confidence. +++PLUS+++  a weekly check-in option with Phil Eastwood on your stated goals and accomplishments! You can’t go wrong with our 30 DAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Some Common Questions Answered

Why We Created the Course

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Phil Eastwood

How Will This Course Help Aspiring Leaders?

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Phil Eastwood

What Are the Common Problems for Rookie Leaders?

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Phil Eastwood

Why is Leadership Training Important?

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Phil Eastwood

What is Phil's Backstory?

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Phil Eastwood

Our Best Offer – Enjoy the Leadership Accelerator Program Online (Mini-Version) For Free!

We are living in challenging times

Maybe you are working from home now, or you may have lost work entirely.  We understand.  The present pandemic challenge is impacting each of us.  As a team at Fiore Group Training, we discussed what efforts we could make that would contribute to our community at this time.

We decided we want to help equip you for the challenges ahead.

Please enjoy the Leadership Accelerator Program Online Mini-Version absolutely free, no strings attached.  Learn how to tackle big problems, communicate when times are tough, and motivate people to work together.  Take the course and tell us what you think!

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Stay safe. Let’s all take care of each other.

Leadership Accelerator Program Online – Introductory Special Pricing!

The full version Leadership Accelerator Program is available to any student.

You can enjoy the free Mini-Version as a test drive, or jump right into the full course today!

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