The Potential For An Increase In Workplace Violence Is Present Within The Taxi Industry.

PREVENTING WORKPLACE VIOLENCE. A taxi is flagged down by a man at night in a poorly lit part of the city. It is raining. The view of the man is obscured through the wet windshield. The taxi pulls over and the customer opens the back door and gets in.
Let’s look at the facts closely.
Several risk factors associated with the potential for an increase in Workplace Violence are present within the taxi industry.

  • Dealing with the Public;

  • Dealing with strangers;

  • Dealing with cash;

  • Working alone;

  • Working at night and

  • Working in isolated areas.

Taxi companies can reduce these risk factors by taking the following 5 steps immediately.

1. Train Taxi Drivers:

Remind drivers not to be complacent about safety. What to look out for in a suspicious passenger. How to use their emergency communication systems/devices. Not to chase someone if they fail to pay. Keep an eye on passengers in the rear view mirror. Always remind single passengers NOT to sit directly behind the driver. Be alert to danger areas. Maintain their cool.

2. Arrange a Code Word for Dispatchers/Drivers:

Arrange to have a code word that can be used by the driver to warn the dispatcher of a possible problem customer. The code word can alert the dispatcher without the customer knowing that you are concerned.

3. Install  Full Spectrum Rear View Mirrors in Every Taxi:

The use of a rear view mirror that can see the entire rear seat lets passengers know that you can pay attention to everyone in the rear of the taxi.

4. Never  Send a Taxi To a Vague Location:

Always ensure that dispatchers are clear about where the customer is being picked up from and where they are going to. Communicate any concerns. Trust your 6th senses always!

5. Invest in Safety Equipment And a Professional Looking Vehicle.

Customers pay attention to security and safety items. If the company and driver are professional and look as though they are concerned with driver safety, people notice. The more attention you pay to your driver’s safety, the more they are likely to stay safe.
Phil Eastwood