Respectful Workplace Behaviors Training to Avoid Bullying and Sexual Harassment – Head Office Now in Denver

Fiore Group Training has been offering in-house and e-learning workplace training options for years.  In January 2016, Fiore Group opened the Denver office in Cherry Creek, as a head office for the USA operations.

Fiore Group Training offers workplace training in respectful workplace behaviors including:

  • anti-bullying and harassment strategies,
  • how to avoid workplace violence incidents,
  • how to have difficult conversations at work (from job dialogues to disciplinary discussions)
  • leadership by influence – the art of mentoring and coaching to get exemplary results
  • how to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace

Trainers with Fiore Group Training have extensive experience in human behaviors training and an entertaining style to create interest in the learning material and to increase cognitive recall when the information is needed in action.

E-learning courses are offered through license options, or by purchasing credits.

Customization is offered for both the e-learning options and the in-house training workshops.
Fiore Group Training has scores of references from a wide variety of industries.