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Respectful Workplace Training Without Leaving Your Office
No workshops to register for – no commute necessary. Put the CD in a computer and either show to the entire staff on a large monitor, or let people share the CD around the office. Fiore Group Training offers staff meeting-style CD training as an alternative program for Respectful Workplace Training. Your employees benefit from the convenience of CD training while enjoying the same curriculum as you would have in a workshop or in-house training session.

Smart Business people know that the best way to differentiate yourself as the employer of choice is to focus on how people treat each other in the workplace. A respectful workplace can no longer be the name of a policy, it must be reflected in the very culture of your business.  Here is your opportunity to make that happen for your team! 

ZERO Tolerance Express participants will learn

  • The purpose of BC’s Bill 14 PolicyZero Tolerance Express CD
  • The definitions of a “workplace”
  • The responsibilities of an employer/employee
  • The responsibilities of supervisors
  • The difference between harassment, bullying and discrimination
  • The Provincial and Federal regulations that must be applied to workplace behaviour
  • Workplace behaviour that is considered unacceptable
  • How to create a positive and respectful workplace culture
  • How to informally resolve disputes
  • How to have difficult conversations on the job
  • How to file a formal complaint
  • and much more

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Protect Yourself and Your Business – Train Your Team in Respectful Workplace Conduct with ZERO Tolerance Express

ZERO Tolerance Express Training CD

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Our Specialty is Effective Workplace Training

All Fiore Group Training courses can be adapted to your organization, industry and/or specifications.  Workshops are interactive, engaging, fast-paced, and professional.

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