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Strong consistent leadership and supervision is at the heart of all respectful workplaces.
The most important foundation of every great organization is their employees. Those same organizations commit themselves to creating, and sustaining vibrant, healthy, safe and caring work environments.

The ZERO Tolerance ADVANCED Workshop provides front line and mid-level leaders in the organization the skills and training to effectively manage their workplace

ZERO Tolerance Advanced participants will learn

  • How to be the role model of your organizational “Respectful Conduct in the Workplace” policyTrusted-Leadership-300x300
  • How to practice the five core dimensions of effective leadership that directly affect workplace behaviour
  • The importance of the four core principals of employment relationships
  • How to engage with employees, in order to gain awareness of workplace issues
  • How to encourage staff to report issues as they happen
  • The importance of dealing with issues when they become known
  • The importance of encouraging staff to report issues
  • The importance of knowing the Provincial and Federal legislation concerning workplace behaviour
  • How to provide support to staff, and make the appropriate referrals as required
  • How to have “difficult conversations” with staff regarding behaviour
  • The importance of making notes regarding observations and conversations


Open door policies are not enough – Managers need to know how to encourage communication, mutual respect and dignity in the workplace


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