Keynote Presentation – A Hero in the Making

Providing training for some of BC’s top companies has benefited me in many ways.  Of course, that one would financially benefit from the success of a growing company, but in our field, the training we provide is often a rich experience in itself.
To explain or highlight human behavior, one must become a student who watches and observes people in action.  Fortunately in my profession as a police officer, I have had years of exposure to the various behaviours of humans.
I couldn’t help but notice the qualities in a person that made them outstanding, especially those I respected as “heroic” in nature; qualities I would want to emulate.
For years I gathered my stories and developed a “fictional” character that offered hours of fireside camping stories for my young children.  Each chapter read was shared with roasted marshmallows and would challenge them to “be” a human we could all be proud of.
When I got the recent call for a new Keynote presentation for a symposium offered by Victim Services of British Columbia, I knew it was the right time for Brian Jones to keynote himself as the S.T.A.R they will remember.
As I am crafting the presentation, I am reminded about the guises a hero can wear.  They comfort us, amuse us, and/or sadden us.  Heroes can make us shiver in anticipation, or cry with regrets. They provoke us to think, about ourselves and others.

Tell us Your Story

Heroes are often found in the most unexpected places.  I invite you to share a story of your encounter with a hero in your experience.  With your permission, I might even incorporate it (respecting your privacy of course), into the new keynote presentation: The Amazing Power of Brian Jones: Why we all need heroes.
Feel free to write your story in the comment section below, or send it along to us at