Phil Eastwood Presenting on Bullying Vs.Conflict in the Workplace

The HRMA (Human Resources Management Association) is hosting a Respectful Workplace Webinar on Friday March 14, where Phil Eastwood will deliver a 90-minute training session on how to recognize the difference between bullying and conflict in the workplace.
With the Human Resource requirement to train our employees, supervisors and management in Respectful Workplaces, the demand for the course material in ongoing.  Fiore Group training offers various training options as it relates to bullying and harassment and the legislation around it.  Further to legislative particulars, Fiore’s training offers hands-on practical and industry specific training modules in retail, hospitality, municipal, office and many more.
The webinar featured is on Friday morning from 8:30 am- 10 am.   Registration is required.

Participants will Learn:

  • Clarification of definitions for bullying & harassment vs. interpersonal conflict
  • Tips on how to handle conflict effectively
  • Strategies for ‘win-win’ outcomes