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Your Turn to Give Us A Grade!

Thank you for investing your valuable time in grading the Leadership Accelerator Program Online Mini-Course.  It should not take you more than a couple of minutes and your honest feedback is critical to us.

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Please rate the layout of the course?  (Meaning: Did you feel the flow of the course made it easy to follow? Did you understand how the e-learning system worked and could navigate the course easily?)

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Did you have any technical problems with the course system?

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Rate the Strategic Leadership Module.

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Rate the Leading Your Team Module

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Rate the Communication Skills Module.

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Rate the Conflict Resolution Module

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Rate the Coaching and Mentoring Module.

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Rate the Movitation & Engagement Module

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Would you recommend that your colleagues take the Leadership Accelerator Program Online Mini-Course?

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How could we improve the course? Any suggestions you have to better the course overall are appreciated.

The average score is 6%