Leadership Accelerator E-Learning – Managers are Not Necessarily Leaders

In the last few years, an increasing number of organizations have approached us to deliver leadership training programs for frontline supervisors and managers.

When it comes to the success of any organization, it is the ability of those frontline leaders which differentiate the best from the rest.

We believe the smartest investment that organizations (or individuals themselves) can make is to develop their front-line leaders.

You Can Learn Leadership, But You Will Work For It

Becoming a leader of people presents some of our most challenging career transitions.

They need to develop credibility up and down the organization, and lead peers (some of whom may now report) and others over whom they have no functional or positional authority.

The skills which are going to provide these people with the biggest impact are people skills.

People skills account for 80% of a leader’s career success, while technical skills only account for roughly 20%.

Why Do We Promote People to Leadership Positions Without Teaching Them How To Lead?

Worse still, it is precisely the people leadership skills that so many leaders lack and that many businesses fail to provide; between 60 to 80% of people move into a people leadership role without any relevant skill development. In my career, I kept moving into positions where I supervised and managed people without exposure to the training in how to do this successfully. It is mostly that experience that has been the catalyst for our Leadership Accelerator Program.

While managerial skills, like strategizing, planning, and budgeting, are necessary and essential, alone they are insufficient.

Managers Are Not Synonymous With Leaders

I can be a brilliant strategist (I’m not by the way).  You may call me a financial wizard (I am not, trust me on this).  Some might accuse me of possessing an “encyclopedic-like” industry knowledge (they have the wrong guy believe me). No matter how brilliant I am at specific skills, as the leader of a team, I could flounder.

Although most of us use the terms’ manager’ and ‘leader’ interchangeably, these two functions are quite different.

What Makes a Manager?

Managers occupy a functional managerial position on the organizational chart. Leaders, on the other hand, are not necessarily identified on any organizational chart. A leader’s actions define them regardless of function or seniority.

A staggering 80% of the work that drives an organization’s success has less to do with policies and procedures and so much more to do with the building, managing, and maintaining solid, committed relationships with those around them.

Leadership Accelerator E-Learning Launching in May 2020 (UPDATE – WE ARE LIVE AND WAITING FOR YOU!)

This week we are starting a series of articles designed to introduce you to the upcoming launch of our online Leadership Accelerator E-Learning Program.

The program is our flagship leadership training program that we have built into a video-based online format for global distribution.

Each week, we will introduce more of the program for you to see in short video snippets. Hopefully, the taste will summon your appetite for a full leadership training experience with the Leadership Accelerator E-Learning Program.

Six Essential Practices that Form our Leadership Philosophy

Within the philosophy of our leadership programs, there are six essential practices.  The Leadership Accelerator Program highlights each practice in a 6-part module format.

  • #1: Strategic Leadership.
  • #2: Leading Your Team.
  • #3: Communication Skills.
  • #4: Conflict Resolution
  • #5: Coaching & Mentoring
  • #6: Motivation & Engagement

These essential practices are designed to teach (or remind) you about the importance of what you do and how you behave as a leader.

Helping Others Stretch Into Their Best Self

Stretching people to achieve what seemed beyond what they thought was possible, unleashes internal energy.  Dynamic internal power enables leaders to make a difference in their workplace through the people they lead.

Remind yourself regularly that ‘people’ are the route to everything in successful organizations.

Whatever you achieve as a leader evolves through your impact on other people.

For organizations, large and small, capable and robust leadership has a direct connection to growth and financial success. Developing leaders equipped to inspire others through unpredictable times and environments is critical for success.

Leadership is the Result of Consistent Development and Training

Great leaders and coaches aren’t just born. They are the intended result of consistent and effective leadership development training and experiences.

Leadership is a teachable and trainable set of skills that, just like a muscle, get stronger the more they are developed and utilized.

Fiore Group Training is a company that, for the past 25 years, has been focused on creating incredibly better workplaces.

With our Leadership Accelerator E-Learning Program, we are now adding to that focus by aiming to create incredibly better leaders.