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Handcuffs to Handshakes : Leadership Lessons From Over 30 Years of Handling Humans

Being posted in West London fresh out of the police academy and told to ‘keep the peace’ was rather like being asked to stand in front of a fully charged fire hose with an umbrella and told to stay dry…… quickly learn that its hard but not impossible!

That is what Phil Eastwood found when he arrived into the racial hotbed of Portobello Road and Notting Hill – then a far cry from the opening scenes of Hugh Grant’s box office hit of the same name made 20 years later.

This fascinating keynote address takes the audience on a roller coaster ride from the harsh reality of the violent Brixton Riots to the madness of the Miner’s Strike and the weekly battles on the soccer terraces…….teaching Phil the difference between honey or vinegar in communication!

Fast forward to today and he finds himself having policed in British Columbia for 25 years.

“The lessons are daily when it comes to working with people but building a relationship must be central in your dealings with them if you want to get along,” Phil asserts.

The audience will laugh and learn but more than anything they will leave this keynote with a better sense of their ability to effectively communicate with people; respectfully, clearly and appropriately.

Join us for a journey with an articulate and engaging speaker that you won’t forget!

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Additional Programs

How To Be A S.T.A.R.

how to be the STAR keynoteThis keynote is focused on demonstrating how an individual can develop and sustain individual leadership and personal motivation.
Someone They’ll Always Remember is about being that person who is intensely remarkable and powerfully sincere: someone that people will remember.
This keynote will hook the audience’ hearts and minds, inspiring them into action.

The Amazing Power Of Brian Jones: Why We All Need Heroes

Keynote - the amazing power of brian jonesThis highly motivational presentation will show your audience how to look at our relationships through fresh lenses and how we can unlock secret formulas to take those relationships to incredible new heights. I will do this by introducing a hero called Brian Jones. Heroes comfort us, amuse us, sadden us, make us laugh, make us shiver, make us cry and they make us think. Most of all though, heroes make us dream.
Brian Jones and I will take you on a remarkable and passionate journey of individual discovery through powerful and self-reflecting stories…stories which will vividly show the audience the difference between what is and what could be in their own relationships. My call to action is to challenge your audience to recognize that everything is built on relationships and they can find their own heroes through their life stories.
Ronald Reagan once said “Those who say that we’re in a time when there are no heroes… just don’t know where to look.” I will show your audience where to look.

Finding Your 1 Big Thing

Finding Your One Big ThingLeadership is not about the title on your business card. Leadership is about who you are on the inside, how you see the world around you and how you treat people every day of your life.
In this dynamic, energetic and high impact presentation, I provide the essential ingredients for all of us to be successful leaders today.
Through unforgettable stories and powerful anecdotes, I teach the fundamental elements of everyday leadership and demonstrate that when we identify our 1 Big Thing, each one of us has the ability to make incredible differences to everyone around us.

Client Reviews

On behalf of the 2013 Training Symposium Committee and the Board of Directors of the Police Victim Services of BC, we would like to thank you for your involvement in making our recent Training Symposium, “Learn, Share Inspire” a success.
The presentation provided at your workshop, How to Be A S.T.A.R., has assisted in providing victim support workers and other criminal justice personnel an advanced training and professional development opportunity. The knowledge participants gained is something they can take back to their communities where it will be shared with others to enhance the level of service provided to victims of crime and trauma. (Carolyn Sinclair – Executive Director)
Wonderful speaker – he had everyone’s attention

Get Phil’s Book – Handcuffs to Handshakes

Handcuffs to Handshakes Book Cover FinalLearn the journey of a street cop in London to a Sergeant in Canada as he clumsily figures out how to deal with humans who could drive him crazy!