Fiore Group Training, a Popular Canadian Respectful Workplace Training Company Launches US Division in Denver, Colorado

Specializing in bullying and harassment prevention, junior and middle-management leadership development, and workplace violence prevention, Fiore Group Training, Inc, of Vancouver Canada, launches US Division with head office in Denver, CO. 
Fiore Group Training educates and coaches the American workforce in respectful workplace behaviors, how to deter and if necessary manage sexual harassment and or bullying at work, and provides strategic tools and actions to discourage workplace violence.

Respectful Workplace Behaviors at Risk

In 2006 over 41% of American workers reported experiencing psychological aggression at work. In 2014, Vital Smarts released their finding stating that 96% of workers experience workplace bullying, many for over 20 years on the job.  We believe a change is not only possible, but absolutely necessary to prevent unnecessary stress, health issues, revenue loss and potentially devastating workplace violence scenarios.

Who Is Fiore Group Training?

Fiore Group Training was founded by workplace specialist and retired police officer, Phil Eastwood.  Eastwood’s book ‘Handcuffs to Handshakes’Leadership Lessons From Over 30 Years of Handling Humans,” became the foundation for a series of courses offered through in-house training or e-learning courses.  Equipping  today’s workforce in people skills, Fiore Group Training works to proactively eliminate disrespectful workplace behavior and enhance not only employee and customer satisfaction, but significantly impact the fiscal “bottom line” of the companies and organizations they serve though increased productivity and employee commitment.

Phil Eastwood became a police officer to escape his high school bully, thinking that working with handcuffs would solve his problem.  Surprisingly he learned instead of forced power and constraint is the potency in the power of relationships. 
“More than any other accomplishment I have discovered that how we treat the people in our lives ultimately determines our life legacy!”  P. Eastwood 

Fiore Group Training Launches USA Office in Denver in 2016

With the head office based in Vancouver BC, Canada, Fiore Group Training continued to grow over the years and developed associate trainers to become the group of experts now serving scores of large companies, municipalities, organizations and businesses.
In January 2016, Fiore Group Training, under the direction of the US Director Sales and Training, Harmony Thiessen, opened the USA office in Denver Colorado.   Harmony has worked with the company in Canada for over 6 years and with 20+years of training and coaching experience, became the obvious choice for the USA launch in 2016.
Fiore Group Training now offers respectful workplace training, workplace violence prevention, and leadership and management training in America, traveling from conveniently located Denver, Colorado.
Training options vary and customization is affordable.  With dozens of high profile references, quality content, and competitive pricing, Fiore Group Training will deliver a preferable solution for your company or organizational training needs.
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