Virtual Training – ZOOM In For Workplace Training


Flexibility In Uncertain Times

No one could have planned effectively for 2020 and the uncertainty of the times. It’s how we adapt to challenges that determine how well our organizations thrive.

At Fiore Group Training, Inc., we spent the months in transition researching how we could best serve the needs of our customers.  Workplace training is not a negotiable exercise.  Many of the courses we teach are mandated by provincial workplace regulations. 

The answer: We went virtual!  This is your invitation to join us for a class – wherever you are!

Will Virtual Learning Work For Your Organization?

The need for re-learning our educational models has become imperative in 2020. Online or e-learning has earned a distinction and makes remote learning on digital platforms possible.  Virtual workplace training makes it simple and convenient to keep building our vital skills for the future.

Early research suggests that virtual or online learning may increase the retention of information while taking less time overall. We may be temporarily changing due to the Coronavirus of 2020, but these changes may prove effective for much of our workplace training needs. The jury is out. If there is one thing we have all learned in this crises it’s that we can’t predict our future as well as we thought we could.

Ahead of the Curve

Fiore Group Training is ahead of the curve as we have been delivering our Respectful Workplace and Workplace Violence Prevention training on our LMS platform for several years. We have many clients who have become comfortable with this as their medium for training delivery.

There is no need for classrooms, live instructors, or physical materials, therefore online courses are more affordable than the in-person alternative. Waste is reduced; all helping to drive down the cost of providing the education experience.

Elearning is certainly cost-effective. A large number of learners can access information at the same time.  Employers are given tools to manage the effectiveness of the training.  All great reasons to consider the Virtual Workplace Training option for your organization.

Now, we not only provide individual e-learning, but we can provide your organization with workplace training via ZOOM.  Our ZOOM classes cover the entire content of the course.

Fiore Group Offers Virtual Workplace Training through Zoom. Contact our office today to discuss the details!

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Sample of a Zoom Virtual Workplace Training 

Phil Eastwood Delivers Zoom Training

Here is just one sample of a virtual workplace training class. Students work from any laptop or desktop computer. Even a smartphone will work, but we cannot guarantee the effectiveness or efficiency.  Zoom training is meant for serious studying. Students should be taking notes, working through the handouts, and giving undivided attention.

Our trainers are compelling and interactive. No snoozing during these classes!

Virtual Training Courses – Available Now