Employee Training Records Must Be Maintained

Employee training is critical to employee development and helps to retain great employees. Consistency in your training also plays a big part in any organization’s success.

For example, the more trained your workforce is, the more likely they are to be more motivated and dedicated.

It’s a win-win!

Well-trained employees feel the benefits in both a personal and professional level.  When you offer consistent training, you have an edge over those who neglect the opportunity.

If It’s Not Written Down, Did it Happen?

Your employee training is as good as your record-keeping.

It is imperative to maintain accurate, up-to-date records of all training and certifications. Failing to do this can be costly.

Be proactive with employee training records. Help the right employees receive the training they need. If you say it happened, but you can’t prove it, it didn’t happen (legally).

Other Employee Training Advantages

It’s not uncommon for organizations to be too busy to keep records. Don’t despair!

Here are 5  reasons your organization should maintain up-to-date employee training records.

Often, It’s the Law!

Certain positions require that all training and certification be documented. It’s often mandatory for health and safety training and companies can be subject to fines and legal headaches. Diligently keep records to protect or prevent a company from litigation.

If nothing else, and at the very least, you should document all health and safety training.

Who, What and When?

Has Bob attended the workshop on workplace harassment?  Maybe that was already five years ago! Has every member of staff received their full onboarding training? Did anyone miss the annual fire alarm training or refresher course?

The goal is to be able to identify who has been trained.

How long ago did the employee training take place? Are there any new laws or requirements that have been overlooked?

A happy, well-trained workforce is a productive one.

Set Your Training Goals with Accurate Records

By maintaining accurate training records, you will ensure a comprehensive overview of your workforce. As a result, your focus on how to help your people work better contributes to your growth and success.

Hit your training goals every year by simply keeping track.

Employee Training is an Excellent Tool for Developing Performance Reviews

Recording and updating training records are an excellent tool for writing performance reviews. They create incentives for employees.

  1. compensation and advancement strategies are often based on merit
  2. internal promotion candidates will have completed records of all the relevant courses

Your Organization Will Prosper

The benefits of having a highly trained workforce are significant! Your employees will be more motivated. People are excited to contribute to the success of your organization. They are better equipped to perform their duties.

An organization with employees working at their best is a prosperous one. Accurately capturing organizational training needs should be the first step.