Dealing with Workplace Safety and Potentially Violent Situations
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Fiore Group Training offers ZERO Tolerance E-Learning option to the classroom based training program: “Workplace Violence Prevention Training”. Our online students benefit from the convenience of e-learning while enjoying the same curriculum as you would have in class.

E-Learning Course Designed for Multiple Industries

  • Retail, Restaurants & Hospitalitystop workplace violence
  • Education, Public Service, Gov’t and City Agencies
  • Transportation
  • Health Care
  • Construction and Highway Labour
  • Healthcare Providers
  • AND CUSTOM* designs available to suit your needs (*priced accordingly)

Course Benefits – ROI on Your Time and Investment

  • Protect yourself and others in  your work environment
  • Learn safety procedures that are practical and applicable
  • Learn emotionally intelligent skills that apply to your work and your life in general.
  • Learn anytime – anyplace! – Right on the job, in a café, or in the comfort of your home
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Learn what you need and not a lot of fluff. Absorb tangible, practical solutions to workplace issues
  • Save the cost of travel and accommodations
  • Receive real-time updates to material – don’t wait for next year’s conference
‘This information will be used daily and helps when dealing with difficult situations.  It confirms the way I’ve been reacting to situations is appropriate.’
Stoney Biddle, Vice-President, , Universal Flagging, Vancouver BC, Canada

The Entire Course takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. It’s Cost Effective & Time Efficient

Module #1

Learn what constitutes workplace violence
Learn how to recognize the warning signs of workplace violence
Learn the groundbreaking story behind workplace violence and how the world changed in 1986

Module #2

Learn when to regard a situation as potentially dangerous
Learn emotional triggers that result in workplace violence

Module #3

Learn how your work environment can actually INCREASE the potential for workplace violence to occur
HOW TO AVOID violent outbreaks.
Learn how to manage your own reactions to difficult people
Learn how to increase your personal saftey level at work

Module #4

Learn how to deal with abusive phone calls
Learn safe strategies for potentially violent meetings
Learn to protect yourself against or during a robbery
Learn  to report incidents to the authorities
Learn to document workplace violence properly


‘Interesting course with lots of relevant ways in dealing with angry/violent clients.  Thanks for creating such an informative course..’
Michael M; President/Principal, ATC Traffic Control


$34991-50 Employees
  • 4 modules of self guided professional respectful workplace training
  • Additional information slides for advanced learning
  • Assessments
  • Individual login access
  • Training from a Violence Prevention Expert with 30+ Years Experience

Are you a Business owner or HR Professional Looking for a Customized Course for your LMS?

We customize the program with your logo, your message – even altering the contents to suit your Provincial, State or Country legislation regarding Workplace Violence.  Your company’s keywords and specific nuances can be addressed as well as industry specific guidelines.  Call us today for a customized quote.   Call Marketing Director, Karen Menzies @   604-760-8553

Call for Special Pricing on Company Orders of 50+ Employees!  604-990-5168

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