Benefits of E-Learning – For the Employer

E-Learning to Align Your Business Goals With Today’s Workforce!

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There’s been a tremendous growth in E-Learning (internet based learning) recently. Two compelling economic arguments are: The potential for more effective education and knowledge management within the workplace.

Today’s generation of new employees expects to be taught via internet based training programs. When you provide the flexibility of E – Learning to your employees, you’ll become the employer-of-choice within your industry, and achieve a higher profile.- Learn how this course can protect your employees, customers and company.

  • E-Learning reduces the cost of training substantially, both directly and indirectly, and increases its relevance and retention,
  • E-Learning Training Programs can be customized and adapted to your industry, creating a richer and more significant learning experience for your employees,
  • E-Learning accelerates the speed at which organizations can deliver time sensitive messages, and present new knowledge to employees through refresher training,
  • E-Learning is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!

The R.O.I. with Fiore Group E-Learning

A Respectful Workplace mandate has been issued for BC and many Canadian Provinces. Workplace Violence is a day to day reality that cannot be ignored. It’s increasingly, a real problem for workers, employers, and organizations throughout the world. Our state of the art e-courses address these hot topics and offer quality training to enhance workplace environments in a variety of industries.

One of the top security challenges cited by business owners everywhere is the issue of promoting employee awareness regarding their safety and security while at work.

Fiore Group Training Inc. has the solution. We have developed a state of the art E-Learning platform, providing your organization with the most comprehensive, high quality, and cost effective Respectful Workplace Training and Workplace Violence Prevention Training available on the market.

These features combined provide an incredible learning experience designed to enhance your employee’s safety while at work.

Take A Look At The Course Outlines

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1-50 Employees

$3499One Time Fee

  • Course Selection

50+ Employees

$Group $$Tier Pricing
  • E-Learning for Larger Companies

Customization can include 
Your company logo and references to unique information and policies throughout the training modules,
An introductory statement or video on behalf of your organization regarding the importance of the training program.
We offer Provincial / State / Country specific legislation regarding course material
We offer Industry specific references

Classroom Based (In House) Learning Still Available

Fiore Group Training Inc. still provides Classroom-Based Training Programs. They’re still an effective way to deliver information, and provide learning to employees particularly when they are required to learn new and intricate ideas.

This style of training comes at a higher cost: Training charges, travel expenses, employee’s wages, plus the cost of replacing that employee’s position while they are in the classroom.

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In-House or E-Learning? - Workplace Violence Prevention or Respectful Workplaces?
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