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801, 2018

A Respectful Workplace is Just a Few Drops Away…

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A respectful workplace doesn’t have to be something out of a fairy tale.
A place where friendly faces greet you in the morning and ask how you’re doing (with a genuine interest in your life), can be more than just a dream.

And within this ideal workplace, you can even have a supervisor or boss that is […]

509, 2017

Staying “Armed” with a Workplace Violence Prevention Program

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Workplace violence prevention – it’s an important piece of a successful business. Unfortunately, no employer can guarantee the safety of his or her staff. No matter what the job or where it’s located, an employee can’t be promised that they won’t become a victim of workplace violence.

There are steps you can take to reduce the […]

808, 2017

Four Necessary Traits for a Successful and Respected Leader

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I have always believed heavily on treating people at work with respect and I have been thinking recently about where that attitude comes from.
We all know that people can affect the energy and enthusiasm we have at work in various ways.

Interactions with some people can leave you excited about possibilities over the smallest of things, […]

3009, 2016

How-To Guide for Trans-Inclusion in your Workplace

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Transgender Inclusion at Work
You have probably heard this before, but just in case you haven’t, there’s a lot going on in the world of transgender awareness and inclusiveness in workplaces everywhere.

It is about time.

If you are aware of what’s going on, then you will perhaps be familiar with two names: Angela Dawson and Jesse Thompson.

Angela […]

2009, 2016

Wells Fargo and Code of Conduct

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Your Organizational Code of Conduct – Do Words and Actions Align?
 Yes…your organisation’s Code of Conduct applies to EVERYONE!

Every one of us has worked for an organisation at one point or another (and hopefully you do right now) which proudly proclaims that they are an ‘Employer of Choice.’
Employers of Choice
For me, the moniker of ‘Employer of […]

1409, 2016

Self-Esteem from West Side Story

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West Side Story and “Verbal Judo”
The other evening, my wife and I went out to the ‘Theatre Under The Stars’ in Vancouver to see Leonard Bernstein’s brilliant musical West Side Story.

I have loved this musical since I first heard the score and seen the movie (do you remember that it won the Academy Award for Best […]