A Respectful Workplace:
Respect at Work….. Goes a Long, Long Way!

You might think that a single incident within a workplace may not create much of a stir, especially if it’s just between two people. The collateral damage within a wider audience can be devastating to those employees and the organization. Particularly if it is ignored.

Maintain a Respectful Workplace:

What tends to happen within a workplace if issues are left unresolved, is that the type of behaviour which created the situation in the first place becomes ‘normalized’ and that becomes the new way of interacting between employees and/or supervisors.

Study after study about how to maintain a respectful workplace, has shown that one incident can quickly turn into a trend.

Then we really have problems:

  • Employees lose time at work trying to avoid the other person,
  • Employees lose time worrying about the incident,
  • Employee’s commitment to their organization declines,
  • Employees decrease their work efforts,
  • Employees decrease the amount of time that they actually spend at work,
  • Employees spend time contemplating whether they should actually change jobs, and
  • Employees do change jobs……

All because nothing was done in the first place.

Please keep your workplace, a respectful workplace!

Phil Eastwood